Please read the waiver carefully and contact me, if you have any questions or concerns, before completing it.

Liability Waiver

The term "ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES" includes but is not limited to personal training, fitness classes, team or individual competitions, fitness assessments, use of facilities, observation of athletic activities, gymnastics, strength conditioning, metabolic conditioning, plyometrics, interval training, bodyweight conditioning, stretching, outdoor running on trails or sidewalks, sports, and programs, clinics, seminars, and services provided to the athlete by Erin Vanasse.

The term "INJURY" shall refer to all forms of physical, mental, and emotional injury in any way related to athletic activity and transportation activities including, but not limited to: death, breaks, strains, lacerations, dislocations, heart failure, concussion, heat illness, dehydration, trauma, anxiety, and fears.


I certify and acknowledge:

That Erin Vanasse, independent personal trainer, has advised me prior to my commencement of participation in athletic activities that such participation could result in injury.

That I freely and knowingly assume the risk in such programs, and I hereby waive any right, claim, or cause of action against Erin Vanasse and release her from any liability for any injury, cost, damage expense or claim, which I or anyone on my behalf might incur as a direct or indirect result of my participation in this strength and conditioning training program.

That I have read this Liability Waiver form, understand and agree with each of the foregoing points.

Photo Release Form

I hereby grant to Erin Vanasse ("EVX Bootcamp") the right to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast, distribute, and create derivative works of the photographed and/or filmed images of me, taken for use in connection with the activities of the EVX Bootcamp or for promoting, publicizing, or explaining EVX Bootcamp or its activities.

This grant includes, without limitation, and without reimbursement, the right to publish such images in local newspapers, Facebook, Instagram, and any other posters or social media platforms. 

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